Destiny 2

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Game Discussion

mikelsage: hi

mikelsage: why?

mikelsage: adsjfhasd


mikelsage: how?


mikelsage: why?

mikelsage: why?

mikelsage: how

mikelsage: why is it working now?

mikelsage: I DON'T UNDERSTAND!

mikelsage: huh?


mikelsage: yes?

mikelsage: but not now?

mikelsage: hi?

mikelsage: qwerhqdfasd

mikelsage: 😡

mikelsage: asdfahsdf

mikelsage: please?

mikelsage: yes?

mikelsage: moment of truth?

centronious: Meme lord

mikelsage: chatting it up, boys!

rocketappliances1705: Who let the dawgs out?

mikelsage: right?


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